Growing up in rural Jamaica with a single parent wasn’t easy. Notwithstanding, this was my journey, which as tought me so much and given me the inspiration and motivation to compose this book


I was never handed a golden platter before, but have grown to appreciate every failer and stuggles as an opportunity to get better. Over the next few months I want to use this medium to recongize some persons who have left a mark and has continue to impart me on this jounery call life. Born…

Some days ago while at the Claude Mckay High School on the “I give my heart school tour”, Iamchozenn (International Gospel Recording Artist) performed and release a song which is under scrutiny. Why? A few months earlier Dovey Magnum releases a song on the same riddim highlighting her sexual desires and intentions. My Thoughts: Let…

Imperfect Utopia

Imperfect Utopia is not just a book……. it’s a ministry! Wasn’t just written for the shelves; it’s a movement on a foundation of faith and partnership. Support my passion and dream by: Purchase a copy at (Kindle or Paperback): Donate: Either option is greatly appreciated. #ImperfectUtopia #humble #joshua1vs9