I was never handed a golden platter before, but have grown to appreciate every failer and stuggles as an opportunity to get better.

Over the next few months I want to use this medium to recongize some persons who have left a mark and has continue to impart me on this jounery call life.

Born on November 27, 1988 at 10:00 am at the Mandeville General Hospital, Manchester, Jamaica; is

Most of my earlier years was spent with my mom and dad in Bellfield, Manchester, Jamaica. At that tender age i meet my 2 of my frist angles. The D & G truck would pass my house every week and every occasion i was given my favorite beverage D and G Soda – Kola Champagne and Malt, even if i was at school the drive would make it an obligation. To be truth you would only get these on special occasions in a middle class household, but I goy it every week. This driver thought me my 1st lesson in life that i am gem with hiding potential thus make me special.

In grade one at 6 years on I remember my 1st teach not by name but due to the fact she had a disability. Inspite of her disability i loved her endlessly which was shown in given her my fathers stuff for gifts. She taught me 2 lessons your disability doesnt stop you from being great and love has no boundaries.

About the age of 3-4 i started to recognized how powerful

The past 18 months has been nothing less than hard. But inspite of this hardship I have learn so much; from my calculations I am not even half of my journey.

Although I am still making progress I want to stop and let it be known that not all angel’s has wings. Over the next few months I want to use this medium to recongize some persons who have left a mark and has continue to impart me on this jounery call life.

My Mother:

Thinking of you bring tears to my eyes. Without a doubt you are my idol and role model. You have thought me the skills to build strength and tenacity. Over the years I have watched you overcome and weather so many storm, yes you cried, yes you thought of giving up but you didn’t. Yes stuff happen and I questioned your love during that period. But during that time I have learnt the most meaningful lessons I needed for this journey and for my current transition. You have deposited so much and continued to without reservation and I thank you so much. Love you beyond measures Ms. Nucklyn Joyce Lowe. I encourage you not to limt this wealth of knowledge to your kids only but to every person you meet.

My Sister:

Lol…… you are one in a million we had our siblings rivalry but we have grown to learn so much from each other. Yes you have your weak spot but beneath lies a fighter. One who have gotten crushed so many times but got back up like a champion. You may not know but I admire you for this. You have shown me what a true champion is made off. Sometimes we view situations as “mistakes” but i also beleives everything in this life happens for a reason and a lesson. This lessons may not be for you directly but for others. We still have ruff edges, but let us work together to make those strengths.





Rock Hall School Family

Jose Marti School Family

WISYNCO group Family



Digicel Front Office

Qantessia and Shuana

Roandy Rusell

Wayne Brooks

Andrae March

Raymona Samuel

Rushel Miller


Chin and Avi

Pusitries Team

Natty and Kriss

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