Some days ago while at the Claude Mckay High School on the “I give my heart school tour”, Iamchozenn (International Gospel Recording Artist) performed and release a song which is under scrutiny.

Why? A few months earlier Dovey Magnum releases a song on the same riddim highlighting her sexual desires and intentions.

My Thoughts:

Let me first take this opportunity to applaud Journey Music Production for the marvellous work done on this riddim, Rum and Boom Riddim.

I am not a musician and I’m captivated by the riddim, with this song by Dovey on repeat, any musician would be capture by riddim. So if you are a “Christian” or “sinner” the riddim will captivate you, therefore, you will listen.

So Iamchozenn was inspired and brave enough to add lyrical content to the riddim glorifying the name of God and we are having an issue?

So, therefore, why don’t we stop singing or playing Wayne Marshall single, because he’s a “sinner”? We are “Christian” and we are holy we don’t sin, so we should not play a sinner musical peice.

But look at Luke 5:32 I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

So God inspire Wayne even in his dry season, therefore we listen and have amoment with God that it was intended to do.

Flip the table the child of God added substance to a riddim, that was beautifully developed and we have an issue? Have a thousand seats! Social media as cause us to speak so much that we fail to thing critically.

My thoughts may not be the best…. What’s yours? Leave a comment..

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