Moved to a new location in less than a week and had some stuff to complete. With no one available to accompany me I venture out with GPS as my guide.

Coming from a country where the transportation system and road codes are very different I had a hard task at hand. In spite of this, I was confident that the GPS will get me there on time and with no issues.

So I googled my locations and set out. Surprisingly in less than 2 minutes, I got lost. I kept going in circles for over 45 minutes without knowing.

Thinking all was well I headed to the bus stop with confidence, but before I could reach my destination I got lost another 10  times. How many times have we failed at first try and just give up?

I can bet, if I had given up that morning I would have continued in the same circle and would have to seek assistance to get home.

Let’s stop giving up that easy. I cried at one point when the road got lonely and I had no one to ask a question. Had to dig deep inside and motivate myself to continue although I was cold and scared.

I have no doubt that we all have greatness in us. We have a rare gem that only us possess, but if we continue giving up so easily how can we gain those unique wings like the butterfly.

Each mistake teaches you something new about yourself.

There is no failure, remember, except in no longer trying. It is the courage to continue that counts.– Chris Bradford


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