“When Life Gives You Lemons”

Meyer Lemons. I love lemons piled high in a wire basket-they get circulation & reminds you to make something wonderful with them!:

Guess we all had a lemon thrown at us at least once in our lifetime. It’s so sad that some will crumb when it all happens, while others like me will make a refreshing lemonade or use it to garnish my favorite salad.

Don’t get me wrong we are all different; I cannot and will not expect you to deal with your lemons like I did. Thus my vision of starting this blog is to encourage myself and others to show that life is not a destination but a journey.

Each post will remind us of how great we are as individuals and if we collaborate we can make magic happen.

“When life gives you lemons when no one is looking, throw them through life’s window and run away”. Unknown

Take this journey with me as we sip some lemonade. 🙂


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  2. Fourblakes says:

    Will be following you!

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  3. Priscilla Hall says:

    Very inspiring

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